3D Integration

Installing the Revit Integration

In order to install the Revit integration for Sigma Estimates, you need to have Sigma Estimates Enterprise installed as well as Revit (or at least the Revit Viewer). For Sigma Enterprise:  https://sigmaestimates.com/ For Revit:  go here 1. The ... read more

BIM 360: Getting started

The following guides will help you get started on using Sigma Estimates together with Autodesk BIM 360. Please also refer to guides regarding the Revit Live Link integration, as they may serve as background for understanding how to work with ... read more

BIM 360: Using the integration

This guide takes you through: Install the App Overview Start your estimate Authorize Browse for the model Import the model 1. Install the App To use the BIM 360 Docs Sigma App make sure everything is installed and set up by following this guide: read more

Revit Live Link: Getting started

Revit Live Link: Getting started You can download the Revit file below in order to follow the same procedurer as the guide does. Download Revit Sample *Please note you need to have Revit installed on your computer to download the file This guide read more

Revit Live Link: Type Coding

Revit Live Link: Typecoding and concept You can use the Revit file below, it’s also the one used in the video. Download Revit File In this video, you learn how Type coding works, so you can get pricing codes on your 3D model, saving a lot ... read more

Sigma Estimates and Autodesk Revit guides

Sigma Estimates and Autodesk Revit guides Here are some short guides that will enable you to get started really quickly with Sigma and Revit. Revit Live Link: Getting started Helps you to create your first 5D model / calculation based on a Revit read more

BIM 360: Installation and setting up the integration

This guide takes you through: Install Sigma Enterprise Install BIM 360 Integration Setting up BIM 360   1. Install Sigma Enterprise In order to use the BIM 360 integration, you need the Sigma Enterprise Desktop application. If you do not ... read more

Live Link

1. Start Revit 2. Open the model and make sure to be in 3D view (View ribbon -> 3D View) 3. Open the Sigma Estimates ribbon and click on Connect read more

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