Installing the Revit Integration

In order to install the Revit integration for Sigma Estimates, you need to have Sigma Estimates Enterprise installed as well as Revit (or at least the Revit Viewer).

For Sigma Enterprise:

For Revit:  go here

1. The Revit integration for Sigma Estimates can be found in the Sigma Shop.

2. The Shop is located here:

3. Once you download and save the installation file to your desktop, double click the file to run it.

4. During the installation a window will open asking you which installation / edition of Revit you want to install the integration in to. Select the appropriate version, and click OK. NOTE: when selecting the version year of your Revit installation, make sure you click on the red X and clear it. Just clicking on the year text will not select it. 

5. Once the installation of the integration is complete, a Sigma Estimates tab will be shown in the Revit tool bar.