Adding Key Figures to the Banner

In the blue banner above the Sigma pages (Front page, Content, Summary, Resources, Insight, Key Figures) your key figures are displayed.

NOTE: This guide only works for Sigma versions older than 6.1.

1. Click the Key figures page.

2. Click Key figures under the Key Figures tab in the ribbon.

3. In the Key figure settings and template dialogue box click the General tab.

4. Under Key figures, contents page enter the desired key figures expression(s).

NOTE: Use one line for each key figure. To the left of the equal sign, enter a name for the key figure and to the right of the equal sign, enter the formula for the key figure:
EXAMPLE: Hours=SumByFilter(Quantity;Category=”Labor”;)

5. Click OK to close the Key figures and template dialogue box.

TIP: Key figures examples showing time and cost price with overhead for Labor, Materials, Lease/Equipment and subcontractor:
Hours=SumByFilter(Quantity;Category=”Labor”;) Labor=SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Labor”;) Materials=SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Materials”;) Lease/Equipment=SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Equipment”) + SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Lease”;) Subcontractor=SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Subcontractor”;) + SumByFilter(CostInclImputed;Category=”Subcontractor”;)