Using RS Means in Your Estimate

1. Start Sigma and open the estimate you want to work on, or start a new estimate using a template. 2. Click on the Libraries tab and open the RS Means database you wish to use. 3. Click on View in the ribbon, and arrange the windows as you ... read more

Installing RSMeans

1. Open your browser and navigate to 2. Determine the RSMeans Data Set you wish to purchase, click on Buy, and follow the prompts to complete your purchase, and download the installation ... read more

Adjusting the RSMeans City Cost Index

All costs associated with the RS Means database can be indexed to your location, or the any location you choose. 1. With your estimate open, click on the Front Page tab in the estimate window. 2. In the Front Page window, click on the RS Means. ... read more

Updating from a Library or Price List

Updating from Library 1. Click the Libraries tab in the menu bar. 2. Click Update from Library…. 3. Select Library in the Source Type drop down list under Source. 4. In the Library drop down list, select the library you want to update ... read more

Reusing an Assembly

This guide will show you how to reuse an assembly either by copying it from one estimate to another or by coping from a library. Copying from an earlier estimate 1. Open the estimate containing the assembly you wish to reuse. 2. File > Open. ... read more

Editing your Library

Libraries are the fastest and safest way to save and reuse parts, assemblies, or entire estimates. Adding a component 1. Open the estimate that contains the component you wish to save. 2. In the ribbon, click on the Libraries tab. 3. Click My ... read more

Making a New Library and Adding Items

1. Open the estimate containing the item or assembly you want to save. 2. Choose the Libraries tab from the Quick Access Toolbar and click New Library. 3. Give the library a name. 4. Add headings for this library (i.e. Foundation, Walls, Roof). ... read more

Importing a Pricelist (CSV File)

1. Click the Libraries tab in the Quick Access Toolbar. 2. Click Price lists. 3. Click Pricelist settings. 4. Click New price list. 5. Choose the type Comma delimited file (CSV) from the drop-down menu. 6. Write the price list’s name. 7. Click ... read more

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