Architect: Getting started

Welcome to Sigma

To get a solid start using Sigma, please read this guide. It will explain the core functions of Sigma, describe the layout of Sigma windows and give you the ability to harness the power, precision and ease of use Sigma provides.

1. Make a new Project from Template

New estimates can also be made from templates.

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2. Structuring your Estimate

When you have made your estimate with headings, you’ll continue with the details of your estimate. For each heading, you’ll add components, sub-components, sub-subcomponents (and so on) that describe the resources used.

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3. Adding Resources

Your estimate gives you a cost based on the resources included in the estimate such as labor, material, equipment, etc.

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4. Adjust the Sales Price with Supplements or Deductions

As an architect, you don’t normally use contribution margin, but you may need to add supplements or deductions (adds or cuts) to the estimate. That can be done on the Summary Page, with Supplements and deductions.