Creating your Work Breakdown Structure

Sigma Estimates is based on a hierarchal structure, and this is shown in the Work Breakdown Structure. At the top of the structure is the title of the estimate (job name). The next level consists of the Headings, and defines the basic work breakdown structure of your estimate. The title of the job and the headings are text only. Each heading can have as many components and sub-components as you need. It is here that your costs are developed.  

Adding a Main Heading

1. Click the title of the estimate (top of the WBS).

2. Click the Content page.

3. Sigma will open to the Front Page tab.

4. Click in field under the Text column in the first empty line and enter a name for the heading.

Dividing a Heading into Sub-Headings

NOTE: Each heading MUST have one or more components.

1. Click on a heading in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

2. Click the Content page.

3. Click on Start by entering here under the Text column, and enter a description of the component.

4. Click in the empty field in the Unit column and enter the unit you want to use (i.e. hours, days, sf, tons, lf).

TIP: As soon as you start typing in the field under the Unit column, Sigma opens a dropdown menu which displays possible unit types. Click the unit you wish to use.

5. The Quantity defaults to 1; adjust as necessary.

TIP: In all numeric fields on the Content page you can enter a math expression (i.e. 1 +4) and the expression’s value will be displayed in blue (to show there is a calculation behind the value).