Sigma Educational package / Sigma Studie-pakke

Students and teachers/professors are offered to install Sigma Enterprise along with add-ons and integrations. Studerende og undervisere kan få adgang til at installere Sigma Enterprise, samt visse tilføjelser til programmet.Registration You ... read more

Can’t activate library/addin – shows XML error

If the Sigma application is blocking you from opening a library (e.g. a cost database) and showing you an XML error instead, the reason could be, that you are running on an older operating system.   Reason The connection between Sigma ... read more

Troubleshooting connection errors

The Sigma application connects to remote servers when checking license (activation, keeping session alive etc.) and when checking updates. If you are experiencing connection errors, have security software blocking internet connection for the ... read more

Renew study license & update installation

If you are using Sigma with a study license through your education and the license now needs to be renewed, you can do as follows. 1. Go to Sigma Estimates Student Registration. 2. Re-enter your Name and School E-mail and click REGISTER ... read more

Run Sigma on Mac computer

macOS and Windows on the same computer One option is to install 2 operating systems on your Mac, macOS and Windows, each in a partition on the hard drive - the hard drive is divided so that each operating system has its own part. It has the ... read more

What to do if Your Files are not Opening in Sigma

If Sigma files do not open automatically in Sigma, is it often because Windows has not associated these files with Sigma. You can solve this problem with the following steps. 1. Start Sigma. 2. Click on File> Settings. 3. Click on ... read more

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