Basic Sigma

Add and remove a bookmark

Bookmarks can be helpful as reminders, or as an indication that an item needs completion, or as an indicator of your choice. There are several ways to add or delete bookmarks. read more

Categories Explained

Categories are used in Sigma for various functions: for reporting on materials needed, or hours required; for adding overhead; for establishing profit; for automatic redistribution of costs; and for organizing Insight views. read more

Import CSV or Paste from Excel

If you are like most estimators, you have a wealth of knowledge and data in excel. This historical data contains estimates, assemblies, sub numbers and unit costs that can be reused to develop your baseline plug numbers for a new bid, and can help to vet sub numbers when they come in. read more

Setting Automatic Markup

Automatic Markup is accomplished in Sigma by applying a percentage to a category (labor, materials, etc). These percentages can be set by clicking on the Summary tab, and then in the toolbar clicking on the Automatic Markup button. read more

Add your Company Logo to your reports

Sigma provides a straightforward way to add your company logo to your reports. You can make this a default setting in your reports, and the logo will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of all reports. read more

Adjust the sales price with supplements/deductions

You can add as many supplements and deductions (adds and cuts) as you wish. A deduction is entered as a negative value. read more

Checking Cost Prices

This guide will show you how to check costs in Sigma and make adjustments for fluctuating prices. This is easily done in the Resources tab in Sigma. With an estimate open, click on the Resources tab in the tool bar. read more

Printing Reports

Open the estimate you want to run a report on, click on Reports in the ribbon, and you’ll see the standard reports divided into 6 folders in the tool bar. Then click on the drop-down arrow and... read more

Start a New Estimate from a Template

This guide will show you how easy it is to start a new estimate based on a template in Sigma estimating software. read more

Creating your Work Breakdown Structure

Sigma Estimates is based on a hierarchal structure, and this is shown in the Work Breakdown Structure. At the top of the structure is the title of the estimate (job name). read more

Adding Resources

Resources in Sigma are items that have been categorized as Labor, Materials, Equipment, etc. While most estimating software only allows you to use the standard, built in categories... read more

Setting Automatic Markup: Overhead

The Automatic Markup dialogue box has three tabs: Overhead, Profit and Discounts. The Overhead percentages are adjusted per the steps below. 1. Click on the Summary ... read more

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