Changing and Deleting a License Number

1. Click File> Help. 2. Double click License number under “Product is Activated.” 3. Type in your new license number in the dialogue box. Click Ok. Deleting a license number  In order to move your license number (i.e. you want to use it for a read more

Making more Columns Visible in an Estimate

1. Click the Home tab in the Quick Access Toolbar. 2. Click Columns in the ribbon. 3. Mark the checkboxes for the columns you want to add. 4. Click OK to save your changes. 5. For any view that shows the Columns icon in the ribbon, the columns ... read more

Create an Estimate Template

When you save an estimate, all the information in the estimate will also be saved. After you find the WBS that you can use for some of your estimates, along with the columns, Insight views, etc, you can save an empty estimate as a template. 1. ... read more

Moving your Sigma License to Another Computer

Contact Sigma Estimates Support 1. Click on File. 2. On the right side of the window your license number is listed under “Product Activated”. 3. Email Sigma Support at and provide following information: Your company’s ... read more

Changing the Path for your Sigma Folders

This guide will show you how to move Sigma files to different storage locations (i.e. iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive). 1. Click FILE > Settings. 2. Click the Files tab on the left-side toolbar. 3. In the table in the File Locations dialogue box ... read more

See Which Version of Sigma You Have

1. Click FILE, then click on Subscriptions. 2. Your version number is displayed on toward the bottom of the window under “About Sigma.” 3. This window also displays your license number, and any additional licenses you may have.   read more

Find the license number for Sigma

This guide will show you where to find your Sigma license number. 1. Click on FILE > Help. The license number for the installed version is shown under Product Activated in the right side of the window.   read more

Deleting a Category

This guide will teach you how to delete a category that you no longer need. A category describes a type of your resources (Labor, Materials, etc.). 1. Type Ctrl+I for settings. 2. Click on Lists and choose Categories, and click on the Edit ... read more

Add New Categories and Units “on the fly”

Sigma allows you to add new categories and units of measure “on the fly” as you build your estimate. This feature can be turned on or off. To turn on automatic addition of new categories 1. Click on File > Settings. 2. Click on Lists in the ... read more

Adding and Changing a Category

These steps will show you how to add and change a category, which you may utilize in various parts of your estimates. A category describes a type of your resources (i.e. salaries, materials, equipment). Adding a Category With an estimate open, ... read more

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