Creating a New Estimate with Planswift

Work flow: the Planswift integration is designed to let you build your estimate in Sigma rather than have to export the takeoff from Planswift, import it into Sigma, and do a lot of sorting to build the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). For instance, if you use a standard CSI WBS, you could review the plans, and build your Div 9 WBS structure for drywall by dragging and dropping assemblies from a Sigma library into your estimate.

Sigma’s Planswift integration gives you control over the 4 Planswift takeoff buttons (Area, Linear, Segment and Count) from inside Sigma.

This integration works best with 2 monitors – 1 for Sigma and 1 for Planswift.

1. Open a job in Planswift, and then start Sigma.

2. In Planswift, navigate to the page with items you want to take off.

3. In Sigma, open a new estimate, name it and save it.

a. If you have a template that you normally use, create a new estimate with it.

b. Or build your WBS by dragging and dropping items from your libraries.

4. In Sigma, click on the item in the content page that you want to do a takeoff of.

5. Click on the Planswift tab, and click on the appropriate takeoff icon, and then the appropriate sub item.

6. Switch to Planswift and you’ll see the Properties form open. Make any changes in the form and click ok, and perform your takeoff. Note that the name of the item in Sigma has been sent to the Name field on the Planswift form.

7. When finished with the takeoff for that item, hit the escape button, and then click the Refresh button in Sigma on the Planswift tab.

8. The unit and quantity are now in Sigma.

Repeat as necessary for all items in your estimate. For information on adding quantity to an item that has already been taken off, or that appears on multiple pages, see the Editing Your Planswift Take Off guide.