Run Sigma on Mac computer

macOS and Windows on the same computer

One option is to install 2 operating systems on your Mac, macOS and Windows, each in a partition on the hard drive – the hard drive is divided so that each operating system has its own part. It has the advantage that your Mac has maximum performance for both macOS and Windows – and additionally the computer can function as macOS and Window machine respectively. This means that every time you start your Mac, you choose – using Bootcamp – whether to run with macOS or Windows. In other words one operating system at a time, so switching between macOS and windows requires you to restart the machine.

Virtual Windows in macOS

Another option is to install an app for a virtual machine that can run windows and programs under windows. For example, you can use VMware or Parallels, and then run Windows (7, 8 or 10) and Sigma on the virtual machine. The advantage of such a solution is that you do not have to leave macOS to use Sigma – it simply runs in a window on your Mac. The downside is that it takes a lot of RAM on your Mac, and might reduce the speed of your Mac.

Link to Parallels

Link to VMware