Adding Resources

Click on the component in the Work Breakdown Structure that you want to add a resources to.

1. In the Estimate Pages, click the tab to open the Content Page.

2. Click in the first empty line in the Text column (the prompt will read “Enter here to add a new component”), and type in the name of the sub-component (i.e. Tile Setting, Drywall, Framing, Switch Gear, etc).

3. If appropriate (see Structuring Your Estimate), click in the empty field in the Category column, in the same line, and enter the resource type (i.e. Salary, Material, etc).

4. Click in the empty field in the Unit column and enter the Unit you want to use (i.e. ea, lsum, hours, days, sf, lf, cy, etc).

5. In the field under Quantity, enter the total quantity of this sub-component. This field defaults to 1.

6. Regarding cost, you have 2 options:

  • If you enter a unit cost, Sigma will calculate the total cost (quantity * unit cost).
  • If you enter the total cost, Sigma will calculate the unit cost (total cost / quantity).