Adjusting the RSMeans City Cost Index

All costs associated with the RS Means database can be indexed to your location, or the any location you choose.

1. With your estimate open, click on the Front Page tab in the estimate window.

2. In the Front Page window, click on the RS Means.

3. The RS Means tab gives you access to the City Code Index, which regulates the RS Means costs based on geographical standards.

4. The Year drop down box will default to the year of the database you have purchased. If you own multiple editions of RS Means, choose the year that represent the data you wish to use in the estimate.

5. The Use National Average Index allows you to do just that. Select Yes if this is what you want to use. If you select No, State and City / Zip drop down lists are available. Select the state and city and zip code from the drop down lists.

6. Click on the Update Project CCI button and your estimate will be updated based on the cost index you have chosen.

7. The City Code Index window also allows you to Use RS Means Overhead Markup if you choose to by checking this box.

8. The Imputed Cost button opens a window where you can add Overhead to the categories in your estimate.

9. The Contribution Margin button opens a window where you can add Profit to the categories in your estimate.