Changing and Deleting a License Number

NOTICE: Internet connection is required to change and delete the licensenumber.

1. Click FileHelp.

2. Double click License number under “Product is Activated.”

3. Type in your new license number in the dialogue box.

TIP: You can type in the new license number right over the highlighted number in the dialogue box or backspace the number before typing in the new one.
TIP: If you’ve had your license number emailed to you can copy it and then paste it in the License number dialogue box in Sigma.
  1. Click Ok.

Deleting a license number 

In order to move your license number (i.e. you want to use it for a different computer) you must first delete the license number from the old computer. Internet connection is required.

1. Click FileHelp.

2. Double click License number under “Product is Activated.”

3. Delete the License number in the text box under “Enter your Sigma License number:” in the License number dialogue box.

4. Click Ok.

NOTE: To activate a Sigma License number on a different computer, please see the “Moving your Sigma License to Another Computer” guide.