Checking Cost Prices

This guide will show you how to check cost prices in Sigma.

1. Open the estimate you wish to check the prices for.

2. Choose the Resources page in the Estimate Window.

3. To see a summary of all resources used to build your estimate, click on the estimate title in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) window.

4. To see a summary of resources used for a WBS heading, click on that heading.

5. If you edit the Sales Price, or any of the amounts in black (amounts in green are locked), the changes are distributed proportionately across the items in that heading.

6. To see every resource line item , under Resources, click View all details. This will let you check if the price/quantity and units are the same for all line items.

NOTICE: You can change a single instance of a resource by double-clicking on a line. This will take you to the Content page where you can edit the instance. To return, choose the Resources page and click in the cost breakdown structure to select a project title or element.