Checking Cost Prices

This guide will show you how to check costs in Sigma and make adjustments for fluctuating prices. This is easily done in the Resources tab in Sigma.

With an estimate open, click on the Resources tab in the tool bar. Your estimate will be grouped by the categories (labor, materials, equipment, subcontractor, etc) you have assigned in the Content tab when building your estimate. Sigma also allows you to have as many custom categories as you need. Many users have multiple material categories to allow them to vary the markup depending on the discount they may, or may not, get from a certain supplier.

Note that the Resources window is responsive to where you are in your WBS on the left. For instance, if I click on Basic Roof, I see all the resources needed for that work.

If I click on Builtup Roof, I see the resources needed for just the Builtup Roof.
This functionality in Sigma let’s you drill down into the estimate to review resources on specific work items, or view resources needed for a particular division of work. To see every line item click on View all details in the ribbon. With this view activated, you can double click on any line and be taken to that component in the estimate in the Content tab.

Also in the Resources tab, you can make adjustments to Price/quantity amount and change the Total cost, or adjust the Total cost and the Price/quantity will be adjusted.