Create an Estimate Template

When you save an estimate, all the information in the estimate will also be saved. After you find the WBS that you can use for some of your estimates, along with the columns, Insight views, etc, you can save an empty estimate as a template.

1. Click File>New>Other.

2. Click New estimation.

3. Click Next.

4. Name your template, and click Next.

5. Enter the main headings, or the WBS, and click next.

6. Click Finish.

7. Adjust the columns that you want to be shown, add Insight views, adjust the automatic markup, and any other settings you would like your new template to have.

8. If you would like this template to be the default template for new estimates, go to the Tools tab in the Quick Access Toolbar, and click Save as default.

9. To use the default template, click on File, New, and then on the right hand side click on Create.