Renew study license & update installation

If you are using Sigma with a study license through your education and the license now needs to be renewed, you can do as follows.

1. Go to Sigma Estimates Student Registration.

2. Re-enter your Name and School E-mail and click REGISTER SCHOOL EMAIL.

NOTE: Await 1st e-mail from Sigma Estimates Support – you will receive it within a few minutes.

3. Open the e-mail from Sigma Estimates Support and click the link to confirm your registration.

NOTE: Renewal of your license is now effective.
IMPORTANT: 2nd e-mail from Sigma Estimates Support contains

link to Sigma Enterprise, license number for activation, link to Sigma Revit Integration, link to Molio Price Databases, but no license number because you don’t need to re-enter this, link to EXACT Database.

You only need to use the links, if you want to update your installation.