Setting Automatic Markup: Overhead

The Automatic Markup dialogue box has three tabs: Overhead, Profit and Discounts. The Overhead percentages are adjusted per the steps below.

1. Click on the Summary tab.

2. In the Quick Access Toolbar click on Automatic Markup.

3. Click on the Overhead

IMPORTANT: The checkbox Use in estimation needs to be marked for the overhead to be calculated.

4. Click on the value opposite a category (i.e. Materials) and enter the desired percentage. Do the same for every category whose percentage you want to adjust.

TIP: The value for No category/other can only be changed by clicking Settings in the dialogue box.

5. Click OK.

NOTE: The percentages you have entered can be based on the Cost Price, or the Sales Price. The choice is made in the dropdown box at Percentage Based On. Markup on cost is easy: cost of 1,000 with a 15% markup is 1,150.  Markup on sales price is figured like this: cost price divided by 1 minus the percent markup as a decimal. If your markup is 15%, then 1,000 / (1-0.15) is 1,176.47