Release notes:

Sigma 8.0.0


New feature

Type Feature Description Edition
Engine New extra field types for extra calculations New custom field type to allow additional calculations such as CO2 and weight All
UI Visual components updated All visual components updated to be more user friendly All
UI Updated Terms and Conditions End user license agreement now shown as PDF to be easier to read and in line with EG general terms and conditions All
UI Colors in columns Column headers may now be assigned a color All
UI Customize column names It is now possible to change the name and hint for columns All
UI New program colors and icons New colors and icons in the application All
UI Improved quick search The search result list, when doing quick searches is improved by making it wider All
Formulas Several new calculation formulas Additional math functions for key figures and in-cell formulas, such as SIN and COS using degrees All
Key Figures Key figures from Extra fields The key figure function VALUE function can now get values from extra fields All
API Indsight views in AppScript Insight views can now be added directly from AppScript All
API Evaluates key figures in AppScript Evaluate a key figure string from AppScript is now possible All
API New event to see active column New event to see which column is being edited All
API New event for content page headings Event to manipulate content grid sum header All
SigmaScript SigmaScript editor improved Improved SigmaScript editor with bookmarks and shortcuts Ent



Type Feature Description Edition
Core Key figures calculation improved Improved key figure performance with caching system, avoiding recalculations of same key figures All
Core Front page calculation improved Improved speed and performance for SigmaScript used on custom pages by avoiding unnecessary recalculation All
Core Send via email with O360 Send project as email now works better for Office 365 All
UI Component copy and move improved Copy and paste to/from clipboard is now faster All
UI Updated color profiles Reduced color schemes to Green, Blue, Dark All
UI Fast exit of Insight Designer Escape key now closes Insight designer window All
API AppScript editor improved code completion Improved code-completion when working with multiple AppScript files All
UI Mouse scroll wheel fixed in many views Mouse wheel scroll improved in many areas of the program around grids and lists All



Type Feature Description Edition
API UTF8 in API upgraded Fixed UTF8 problem in AppScript files All
Core Time format in files corrected Time zone had wrong sign in Xmlformat and is now fixed All
UI Color bugs in quick libraries fixed Quick libraries color system fixed All
UI Export to Excel column name shown Excel export settings dialog now showing column names All
UI Addition / deduction BACKSPACE Moving upward in the Content page using the Backspace key now works having Adds/Cuts in the summary bevel All
API Column name in API API error in relation to column names is fixed All
Reports Print of Insight view fixed position number Printing reports from Insight now uses the correct position numbers All
Reports Print of Resource view include overhead Reports from resource sheet may now print the “cost price with overhead” All
SigmaScript SigmaScript GetDate fixed GetDate in SigmaScript also returned time. This resulted in wrong calculations on date ranges. All