Release notes:

Sigma 8.1.0


New feature

Feature Description Edition
German application language German language is now an option for the program application. This does not include templates, reports, and help/guides. All
Setup key figure grid panel Set the key figures displayed in the header above grids, e.g. in the Content page or the Resources page. All
Add a ribbon button group caption Add a caption buttons for Ribbon tab groups. All
Add advanced hints to ribbon buttons Assign Screentips (advanced hints) to Ribbon buttons. All



Feature Description Edition
Quick list column save Column width for the quick list search result will now be remembered as set by the user. All
Sigma Idea portal button An application button in the main ribbon, links directly to the new Sigma Idea portal, a place where users can submit suggestions for new ideas and improvements. All
Custom fields disregarded when multiply by quantity Calculated Custom fields that multiply by quantity, are now disregarded in Sigma validation overlap rules. All
Custom fields with blank values are no longer categorized as “not assigned” Custom fields with blank values are no longer categorized as “not assigned” in the Sigma validation overlap rules All
CreateReport method for TSigmaProject class CreateReport now available as method for TSigmaProject class. All
Project notification send apnAdded Project notification (from the Sigma Application) now sends apnAdded. This is called AFTER loading the project (vs apnAdd, which is called when starting to load the project). All
ExecuteSigmaScript method for TSigmaProject class ExecuteSigmaScript now available as method for TSigmaProject class. All



Feature Description Edition
Custom fields are set to zero when child is deleted The value of calculated custom field values are now set to zero when the last child is deleted, as is the case for the unit cost fields. All
Access violation comparison view is now fixed Access violation (error message) in some special cases when editing in comparison view is now fixed. All
Stark pricelist DK problem fixed Stark pricelist can now be imported without DK set as currency. All
Column events sent on Delete Column notification events are now sent when Delete is pressed in a cell (picEdited). All
Hide/show restriction for libraries page control Removed restriction to hide/show Sigma page control tabs for libraries (e.g. Resources and Insight). All
Automatic sum fields calculation Updating custom fields from AppScript now also calculates the summing fields, like changing them from UI. All