Release notes:

Sigma 8.2.0


New features

Feature Description Edition
Libraries resources and insights Resourced and Insight views are now shown in Libraries in the main tabs like with projects All



Feature Description Edition
Supplements window improved Supplements (cost, sales, discount) form cleaned up and UI improved All
Keyfigure bar as program language The Quantity key figure in the header now uses the naming of the quantity field (instead of program language) All
CSV Import skip empty lines CSV Import now defaults to skipping lines when level is empty All
Project Name set backstage Project name is no longer overwritten with “New Estimate” when used from backstage All
COM server enable read-only The Sigma COM Server now provides access to enabled and read-only functionalities on a component All
COM server can avoid closing projects The Sigma COM Server changed to not close projects when they are released by the client All



Feature Description Edition
TStringlist TStringlist now uses OS listseparator as commaseparator, and defaults to strictseparator mode All
Rounding Rounding settings may now be accessed and modified from AppScript All
Supplements setttings Supplements setttings (additional cost, profit, discounts) may now be accessed and modified by AppScript All
Keyfigures Keyfigures may now be loaded from .ndat files All
Insight views Insightviews may now be deleted All
Custom fields Custom fields may now be deleted All



Feature Description Edition
Import Brdr Dahl costprice to unitprice Fixed bug with Brdr Dahl pricelist import (Costprice to Unitprice) All
Update of treeview with paste Fixed bug with treeview selected node not being updated in some cases with Excel/CSV Import/Paste All
Ressource view in Sigma Personal Resources page did not work in Sigma Personal Per
Save validation setting Some settings in the validattion window was not saved (skip zero quantity, disabled components) All