Release Notes 6.0


Number Description
SIGMA-Trunk New Sigma App Script is an extremely powerful scripting language that provides access to almost all elements of Sigma – both data and user interface. It can be used to customize and enhance Sigma with new features or it can be used to integrate Sigma with external systems. There is practically no limit.
The new Sigma Add-in system is based on Sigma App Script.
SIGMA-Trunk The Sigma COM API enables external applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, to communicate with and control Sigma. The COM API also opens Sigma up to custom applications written in just about any programming language; C#,, C++, Delphi, etc.
SIGMA-3595 New, open format for Sigma Addendum Package installer, to be used for packing customized Sigma files (templates, libraries, reports, configurations, add-ins ,etc.). Prepared to work with Sigma Apps.
SIGMA-3555 Formated export to Excel – i.e. Sigma comparison view exported to Excel now shows hihlighted prices exposed i bold characters.
SIGMA-3708 User can add skins to Sigma, to customize the user interfase
SIGMA-3715 User can set text and/or background color for the banner (top of pages Content, Summary, Resources and Insight) to customize the user interfase.
SIGMA-3722 Estimate and library windows can be dragged outside the border of Sigma, ie. to another screen
SIGMA-Trunk A more advanced spellchecker, amongst other features including customized dictionary
SIGMA-Trunk Document properties shows if estimate or library contains licens content (ie. content from a licensed database)
SIGMA-Trunk Validation can be set to ignore components with zero quantities or disabled components.
SIGMA-Trunk Lookup list for a custom field can be created from data already used in the custom field.
SIGMA-2130 Added .dat files as a default format when importing a priceliste – all default formats are now .csv, .dat and .txt
SIGMA-2468 After having performed Update fra pricelist, Sigma can now mark components not updated.
SIGMA-3234 When using View All Details in Resources page, name of resource is now shown in front of each component line
SIGMA-3444 Renamed a few buttons in Insight Designer, to better reflect their function
SIGMA-3446 When editing keys in the lookup list fo a custom field, Sigma offers to/can update all occurrences of the edited key.
SIGMA-3485 When editing a constant, Sigma offers to update all occurrences of the constant.
SIGMA-3500 Libraries can be saved in a structure of forlders, subfolders etc.
SIGMA-3552 When a custom field is added the ID is now sanitized to adhere to the naming rules.
SIGMA-2758 Folder for Sigma Standard Reports is a subfolder to the installation folder
SIGMA-3417 Assures that latest version of COM server is used.
SIGMA-3421 Dialog boxes user interface updated to current version of Microsoft Office.
SIGMA-3436 Possibility to update estimate as part of export from Revit to Sigma.
SIGMA-3438 Automatic update of estimate as part of export fra Revit to Sigma.
SIGMA-3455 In Sigma Estimates ribbon of Revit – after installing Sigma Revit Integration – Connect button turns to a Reconnect button, if connection is lost.
SIGMA-3462 Sigma App for importing from and exporting to bill of quantity.
SIGMA-3517 Fixed problem with opening Sigma documents on Citrix server
SIGMA-3555 Exporting from Comparison view to Excel includes text formating (bold characters)
SIGMA-3720 Maximizing an estimate or library window inside the Sigma window frame is no longer possible – instead you minimize the other windows.Minimized windows are visible (as blocks) in the bottom of the Sigma window frame, from left to right.
SIGMA-3726 Ribbons can have colour setting separate from skin.
SIGMA-3739 Maximize window button (prior situated in upper right corner) removed to ensure minimized windows don’t get covered and thereby hidden.
SIGMA-Trunk Update from Library and Update from Price List now allow the user to perform a read-only dry-run or test of the update.
The test performs the update without actually making any changes and can be used to determine how many components the update would affect.
SIGMA-Trunk Update from Price List is now significantly faster. Example:
Price list: 90,000 lines, Project: 105,000 components
Sigma 5.1: 41 minutes.
Sigma 6.0: 40 seconds.
Sigma 6.0 (dry-run): < 1 second.
SIGMA-Trunk Standard skins (to modify user interface) have been updated to Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 look and feel.
SIGMA-Trunk In Quick Library Settings colors surrounding each checkbox next to library title reflects the color indicating each separate library in the Quick Search list of Content page.
SIGMA-Trunk Active document is highlighted by bright text color in the banner (top of pages Content, Summary, Resources and Insight). In contrast to this inactive document(s) have grayed text color in the banner.
SIGMA-Trunk Active page in document is indicated by standard gray banner background color in tab, where as the background color of the other tabs is white.
SIGMA-Trunk Banners previous full-colored backgrond (blue in estimtes, green in libraries and orange in quick libraries) is substituted by a thick line (blue, green or orange) and an icon (dokument or library) left of the thick line.
SIGMA-Trunk Loading of Insight views has been optimized. It is now up to 300% faster than Sigma 5 in most cases.
SIGMA-Trunk Completion markers are displayed both in Content page and in work breakdown structure.
SIGMA-1028 Choosing logo file causes unhandled exception when loading unsupported jpeg format in report options window.
SIGMA-2782 Constants not updated in Automatic Markup window.
SIGMA-3095 Switching from List view to Comparison view causes Argument out of range error.
SIGMA-3233 Using shortcuts SHIFT UP, SHIFT DOWN, SHIFT RIGHT and SHIFT LEFT results in strange selections
SIGMA-3359 Opening Save dialog box causes Access Violation
SIGMA-3404 Quick Library caching – Sigma needs to be restarted for changes, made to a quick library, to take effect.
SIGMA-3427 Database keyword search – using Search in an estimate triggers keyword search in database, if the estimate contains database components.
SIGMA-3428 Custom field dialog box – buttons cover each other.
SIGMA-3429 Production Rate – constants can not be edited in Production Rate column.
SIGMA-3431 Project can not be opened in Sigma, by double clicking the project file.
SIGMA-3432 Shortcuts SHIFT UP and SHIFT DOWN does not select components
SIGMA-3433 Child components participates in markup/discount calculation even though parent has zero quantity.
SIGMA-3435 SigmaScript replace in all component doesn’t seem to work.
SIGMA-3440 Enterpriseoprettelse tool prompts for constant.
SIGMA-3451 Moving a component in the tree does not cause a recalculation.
SIGMA-3453 Error message “… NAN …” when opening template.
SIGMA-3465 In ‘Sagsoplysninger’ (Sigma Professional CLAIMS Scalepoint) selected autotext isn’t inserted in text field.
SIGMA-3467 Update from library can cause errors if components contains keywords.
SIGMA-3468 Opening of SigmaScript Editor, followed på closing the editor and closing attachments window causes Access Vilation.
SIGMA-3469 Copy component from library does not copy constant.
SIGMA-3476 Trial period can not be extended.
SIGMA-3477 Document settings are lost when using a template opening a new document.
SIGMA-3478 Windows overlapping when stacked.
SIGMA-3479 Unable to import STARK price list.
SIGMA-3480 Document settings (index) are lost when a new document is created based on a template.
SIGMA-3483 Various Errors during shutdown of Sigma.
SIGMA-3493 Revit integration: Hidden type coded element(s) becoms un-hidden when link is removed.
SIGMA-3495 Error when exporting from Sigma to Excel.
SIGMA-3505 Misspelling in Files ribbon.
SIGMA-3506 Sigma wizard doesn’t show content of shared templates.
SIGMA-3511 Sigma Revit integration: double Keynote parameter.
SIGMA-3516 Spell check dialog not localized.
SIGMA-3518 Last character of misspelled word is lost in spell check dialog.
SIGMA-3519 Move row up/down on last/first empty row causes “Access violation”.
SIGMA-3520 Disc icon indicating entered text takes too long time to show.
SIGMA-3521 No longer possible to add URLs in Note dialog.
SIGMA-3522 Closing down Sigma causes Access Violation
SIGMA-3523 Library created from Sigma Revit Integration wizard lags structure.
SIGMA-3524 Import to Toolbox
SIGMA-3526 Custom field external list only loaded when project was opened.
SIGMA-3527 Report module Project files doesn’t work.
SIGMA-3528 Report module localization does not follow Sigma Report language setting.
SIGMA-3529 Update from price list does not calculate cost and unit price using same algorithm as quick list.
SIGMA-3533 Drag/drop in Work Breakdown Structure (aka. treeview) can cause slow performance due to excessive user interface updates being performed during the operation.
SIGMA-3539 Erasing text in Text field when Quick list has opened causes error Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)
SIGMA-3540 History navigation buttons (back/forward) does nothing.
SIGMA-3542 Entering constant in supplements/deductions can cause exception.
SIGMA-3543 Disabled components not visually marked in Work Breakdown Structure (aka. Treeview).
SIGMA-3546 Recalculation with constants causes random Access Violation.
SIGMA-3551 “Allow print” attachments setting is cleared when another attachment is added.
SIGMA-3553 CAD Model Viewer: Duplicates not allowed.
SIGMA-3554 Component added to local quick library disappear at next opening of file.
SIGMA-3556 Sigma SharePoint  integration was not performed unless the Sigma COM server had been registered.
SIGMA-3561 Can not drag-n-drop Sigma documents into Sigma window.
SIGMA-3562 Annotations not indicated in Work Breakdown Structure (aka. Treeview).
SIGMA-3563 Constant template values are saved to wrong file.
SIGMA-3564 Argument out of range, Insight page.
SIGMA-3565 Save new file to SharePoint issue.
SIGMA-3568 List index out of bounds (-1), Main wizard.
SIGMA-3569 Script editor: Range check error.
SIGMA-3574 List index out of bounds (4).
SIGMA-3577 Save to sharepoint causes “Connection Closed Gracefully” error.
SIGMA-3581 Sigma closes down when performing update of price file (SPL).
SIGMA-3582 “Invalid index” exception if Exact groups.txt cannot be found.
SIGMA-3587 Empty custom field lookup list file causes “List index out of bounds (0)”.
SIGMA-3589 Access violation in splash screen during startup.
SIGMA-3590 Refresh in Comparison View can move focus to wrong cell.
SIGMA-3599 Selection in Resources page causes Access Violation when selected component is changed.
SIGMA-3601 Search, Keyword: Keyword list not updated when keyword is removed from list.
SIGMA-3602 Closing Options dialog with inactive project causes Access Violation.
SIGMA-3604 No installation of RS Means sample dat.
SIGMA-3605 Error inserting/editing content grid after parent has been replaced by Update From Library.
SIGMA-3608 Summary button of Sigma Claims Scalepoint must be hidden.
SIGMA-3609 XML encoding error sending to Scalepoint.
SIGMA-3612 Various errors when editing custom field value in Insight page.
SIGMA-3617 Validation of Hierarchical Custom fields not working.
SIGMA-3619 Deleting component from Content page causes Access violation
SIGMA-3620 Library license isn’t released when library is closed.
SIGMA-3621 Entering text in Number and Text field in Content page is disrupted by quicklist timer.
SIGMA-3622 Changing the Component Type of the selected component via Update from Library causes Page change not allowed inside update block.
SIGMA-3627 Libraries doesn’t show Shared Libraries sub folders.
SIGMA-3636 SetControlAlignment(Alignment) in SigmaScript only works partly.
SIGMA-3637 Custom fields with IDs containing non-ascii characters are not loaded.
SIGMA-3655 OpenClipboard Failed error can occur if text is copied in another application or clipboard is reset by another application.
SIGMA-3657 Switch to another custom page causes Canvas does not allow drawing.
SIGMA-3664 SigmaScript custom field functions does not sanitize IDs.
SIGMA-3666 Selecting “———-” as the field name in export dialogs causes Access Violation.
SIGMA-3669 Properties dialog box does not save custom page SigmaScript changes.
SIGMA-3670 Project with script using GetSubcomponentCheckboxChoice() causes prompt for unknown constant x, xx, xxx etc. at load.
SIGMA-3683 The section isn’t written when project is saved.
SIGMA-3687 No heading on custom pages
SIGMA-3695 Reports using From Selected components-feature prints for entire project.
SIGMA-3697 Calling LoadFromFile with non-existing file causes Access Violation.
SIGMA-3699 Access Violation in Insight.
SIGMA-3700 Editing Custom Field lookup list values causes Access Violation .
SIGMA-3703 Recalculation not performed when moving items in Work Breakdown Structure (aka. tree view).
SIGMA-3704 Insight page has problems with large fonts.
SIGMA-3706 Project properties dialog causes List index out of bounds.
SIGMA-3711 Copy protected project or library in XML format is not decrypted on load.
SIGMA-3714 No argument for format ‘%s’ generating report.
SIGMA-3718 The First step custom page look very bad.
SIGMA-3719 First Steps application custom page uses AddSpace() to create columns.
SIGMA-3721 Auto-saving a recovered auto-saved document causes an error.
SIGMA-3725 Paste after hiding columns causes List index out of bounds (-1).
SIGMA-3727 Grid header text color is locked to black.
SIGMA-3729 Empty project property value causes exception.
SIGMA-3730 Icon shown for notes on custom page heading.
SIGMA-3736 Windows can not be arranged when maximized.