Release Notes 6.5

New and updated features in this release

287 Sigma Personal feature set and templates updated:

The Sigma Personal feature set and available templates and reports have been adapted and updated, to fit the Sigma Personal user’s needs and to make the application more user friendly.

The ribbons [Data], [View] and [Tools] have been removed from Sigma Personal, as well as the Insight view.

Empty groups have been removed from the ribbon [Reports].

The following features have been added to the ribbon [Home]: Export to Excel, Constants, Windows (group).

The following features have been removed from the ribbon [Home]: Run Script, Protect, Tree annotation, Validation.

Price lists and Quick libraries have been added to the [Libraries] ribbon.

Sigma Personal users now have access to Company info and Files in [Settings] (Files).

It is no longer possible to choose .sit (template), when saving a Sigma document.

289 Improved download, install and onboarding process:

The download page is cleaned up to provide better overview, and the download now starts immediately. The installer size is minimized to provide guided user interface much faster.

When a user downloads Sigma 6.5, the user will be presented with a dialog showing a video and a downloading progress bar. The main purpose of the video is to guide and prepare the user. The progress bar ensures that the user is aware of an ongoing process.

When Sigma 6.5 has been downloaded, the installer starts. The EULA has been updated, as well as the layout and text in the installer wizard and the profiles available.

When Sigma starts, the user will start in Files ->New. The user quickly gets an overview of available templates. When the user creates a new document by selecting a template, Sigma presents a dialog which tells the user of the [Getting started guide] and where to find it.

444 Easy access to help and video guides:

New ribbon [Help] is now available in Sigma. The ribbon ensures easy access to Sigma Help and Training, the Sigma Getting Started guide and to Support. The user also able to search for specific guides by using the search field in the [Help] ribbon. The menu [Help] in Files, have been removed.

Further, a link to [Getting started guide] has been added to the [Home] ribbon in Sigma.



Added App Script API functionality:

It is now possible to switch columns on/off, including custom fields, by using Sigma App Script.

Further, users using Sigma App Script, can now access and manipulate childs in the grid view.

366 Tagging of trial users:

It is now possible to for Sigma Estimates to register trial users in a better way, enabling better communication and follow-up during their trial period.

298 Users are no longer prompted to send error reports is Sigma:

Users are no longer prompted to send error reports to Sigma Estimates. The user will always be presented with a message, if Sigma needs to restart and an error report is saved locally on the user’s computer.

975 Updates to US terminology:

Updates to US terminology: “Tender” has been changed to “Bid” and “Supplements and Deductions” to “Adds and Cuts”.

863 Subscription menu added in Files:

Previous Sigma version had a menu [Help] in Files, which also contained subscription information. [Help] has now been replaced with [Subscription], which also contains subscription information.

1074 Improved message to users managing Sigma apps in Sigma:

The user will now see an improved and more understandable error message when trying to delete a running app in Sigma, to help the user understand the process.

1184 Trial period changes from 30 to 14 days.


Bug list

Bugs fixed in this release

346 Sigma App Script: TNamedValueList seemingly doesn’t store values The error was caused by the user trying to store keys with non-alphanumeric characters
348 Misspelling The Danish word “dokument“ was spelled “document” (Importer Sigma dokument)
349 “Export to Excel, Advanced” doesn’t work with Insight The user is notified that “Export to Excel, Advanced” only export from the Content Page
370 Sigma App Script: TTextParserCSV.Settings does not work
515 Sigma App Script: SalesPrice cannot be set if component has childs
518 Project name is in English when using Danish localization The Content tab shows the English word “Project name”
557 Misspelling The English word “Tekst” was spelled “Text” (Træ annotation -> Tekst)
559 CTRL G does not trigger Run script (it toggles grid lines)
639 2 x TAB to get from Work Breakdown Structure to Content/Summary/Resources/Insight/Key Figures page Users should only press Tab once.
832 Column name is incorrect Total Markup is named Total CM (should be Total MU)
994 Report uses “Sales Price (Absolute)” instead of “Sales Price” This was caused by some code whose purpose is to ensure that sales prices are presented nicely on the Summary Sheet.

The Sales Price adjustments is limited to the upper two levels of the Cost Breakdown Structure.

1065 Settings window is too big for laptop screen

Known bugs in this release

843 In some specific cases, when printing a report, Sigma adjust pricing with a small amount Some users “round” numbers for their quotes. The users enter a round amount in the subtotals in the End sheet. Some users experience, that when generating a PDF report, Sigma may change such numbers with 1 unit (DKK, USD, …) which may not mean much to the total price, but to the presentation.
816 Numbers that are exported to MS Excel is formatted as text. The users can format the numbers and numbers in Excel as a workaround.
835 Insight report does not show contents of notes
906 Shortcut F1+CTRL does not behave as expected. Expected behavior is that ribbon is collapsed, but it also opens F1 help files.
556 Texts in printouts/reports are not always aligned left.



This release is backwards compatible with Sigma version 5 and 6.