Basic Sigma

Adding Resources

Resources in Sigma are items that have been categorized as Labor, Materials, Equipment, etc. While most estimating software only allows you to use the standard, built in categories... read more

Setting Automatic Markup: Overhead

The Automatic Markup dialogue box has three tabs: Overhead, Profit and Discounts. The Overhead percentages are adjusted per the steps below. 1. Click on the Summary tab. 2. In the Quick Access Toolbar click on Automatic Markup. 3. Click on ... read more

Recover an Earlier Version of a Sigma Estimate

If you would like to recover an earlier version of a Sigma estimate (i.e. you forgot to save it or deleted the version by mistake) follow these steps. 1. Open the latest saved version of the estimate. 2. Click on File> Info. 3. Choose the ... read more

Creating a New Estimate in Sigma

To start a new estimate in Sigma, follow these simple steps: Start Sigma by clicking on the desktop icon or choosing Sigma from the Start menu. Sigma opens to this page, where you can select a template for your new estimate.

Sigma will ... read more

Adjusting the Sales Price

By clicking on the Summary tab, the sales price can be adjusted for the entire project or for any category or subcategory individually. The view in the Summary tab shows the entire estimate grouped by the WBS. Some of the numbers in the Summary... read more

Activating Your Sigma License

Before starting the activation process, please make sure you have the email from Sigma with your license number, which was emailed to you after your purchase. If you did not receive an activation code, please contact Sigma Support. Also, for the read more

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